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Find something to challenge and enrich your active lifestyle!

At Shepherd Village, we offer many programs and special events including educational workshops, fitness, socials, group and individual travel, intergenerational programs plus volunteer opportunities You are sure to find something to challenge and enrich your active lifestyle.

Seniors' Exercises

Exercise and physical activity can help you maintain or restore your strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Come and have fun with our physiotherapy and recreation staff as they lead exercises that will help you keep active and stay healthy.

Strawberry Social

This is a big event that we have every year in the summer when the Ontario strawberries are at their peak. We have strawberries and ice cream available to everyone in the Village. It is a great opportunity to socialize with friends and make new ones while enjoying this favourite summertime treat.

Horticulture Groups

In long-term care and retirement, we all take part and share the love for gardening. We plant seeds and flowers in pots and enjoy watching them grow and bloom into beautiful plants. Seniors participating in the program have develop enhanced self-esteem, self-confidence, pride in their accomplishments and enthusiasm. It is also a good reminiscing group as participants remember when they used to garden in their earlier years.

Painting & Arts

Here we have a painting group and enjoy the art of ceramics. Painting is a relaxing activity that gives residents the opportunity to show their skills and creative flare.

Intergenerational Program

This has been a great addition to the Village and we are so happy with the accomplishments and enjoyment of both the seniors and the children that have taken part in the program with their "grandparents". This program fosters personal relationship with a child and is positive and fulfilling time for residents, reduces their isolation or loneliness through social contact, stimulates the senses, provides unconditional acceptance and emotional support, and offers the opportunity to share a lifetime of experience while providing a chance for reminiscing.

Musical Entertainment

We provide a vibrant and ever changing repertoire specific to senior audiences. By validating the past through the performance of music from the 20s, 30s and 40s - music popular when the seniors were young - our entertainers create a special bond that enhances and benefits the emotional and physical well-being of all. The most important ingredient of any performance is the element of love; love of music, audience and life itself.

Outings and Travel

We organize interesting trips and outings for seniors in Toronto and out of town. This provides freedom and joy in exploring new places. Recently we offerred a Carribean cruise, which was a fun trip for everyone. We have also enjoyed going to the local theatres and churches for musical concerts, Rosetta MacLean Park, Cranberry Festival in Bala Ontario, seeing Christmas lights in Niagara Falls, Waterloo Amish Farmers' Market & St. Jacobs, and summer boat cruises.