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Stewardship Projects/Events


We’re excited to mention that the Manor renovations are almost complete.  The feeling you get as you walk into the Manor lobby is like night and day from the previously dated décor.  Thanks to the donation of one of the Manor resident’s family members, we now have beautiful pictures for the lobby.

The link is now named the “Hillier Hall”, in honour of our previous President and CEO, David Hillier, who dedicated more than 30 years of service to Shepherd Village.  Once the link is completed, residents and staff will enjoy new and improved services which includes a staffed fitness & exercise centre with new change rooms and salt-water pool.  The Wellness Centre and Physio offices will relocate from the Shepherd Village main entrance.  There will also be a wider, senior friendly, walkway and ramp, with easier access to the link services and next door mall.

The total Manor and Link project is $18.8 million and has been a significant challenge.  Due to the costs of construction and new mortgage, your donations are even more important to us than they were ever before in trying to meet needs such as those listed in this newsletter.  Your help is greatly appreciated!



Ron Matheson, Director of Stewardship & Spiritual Life 


A Legacy of Stewardship:  

Your everyday acts of kindness and generosity reflect the story of your life.  Each of us is tasked with Stewarding our lives and resources which will reflect and honour the manner in which we have lived.  You can include Shepherd Village in your will, however, as a living legacy your gift will also continue to make a difference for years to come.  The difference is that making a gift now allows you to see and enjoy the impact your generous donation has on the residents and staff.

Different Ways to Give:

1) Will Bequests: commonly used to leave an amount or percentage from estate assets

2) RRIF Beneficiaries: a simple and convenient way to leave what’s not needed, while effectively negating the tax caused by Registered Funds

3) Life Insurance Policies: naming the charity as beneficiary or donating the policy

4) Appreciated Securities: the most tax effective way to transfer assets to a charity

For more information, contact Vern Dueck at 905-631-9977 or


Lodge Electronic Bed & Therapeutic Mattress:   

  All of us can imagine the value a therapeutic mattress and adjustable bed can be to someone with limited mobility.  Our long term care seniors deserve this!  Each bed and mattress cost approximately $2,000.  The new beds are more comfortable and provides independence with personal control.  They also provide added safety for the staff when assisting the resident.  Your help is needed because these upgraded beds are not funded by the government.  The goal is to raise enough funds for 10 beds this year.  Please help us to make this happen. 


The Village Club:  

The Village Club offers a safe, stimulating and enjoyable program for seniors with cognitive impairments, social isolation and other challenges.  Families and caregivers continuously express their gratitude for Shepherd Village's vision to provide continuous care for seniors.  Without appropriate government funding we continue to need monthly donors to help meet the ongoing needs of the Village.  Your regular general donations help to support needs like this within the facility and will continue to enhance the lives of individuals.


ONGOING Palliative Care Ministry:   


Shepherd Village and the Palliative Care Team want to sincerely THANK EVERYONE who donated towards the Palliative Care Ministry!  We have successfully raised enough funds to purchase 3 carts and a comfortable chair!  Family members have appreciated being able to spend their final moments with their loved ones without leaving their side.  The stocked carts are our way of coming along side of the families and providing refreshments, nourishment, a warm blanket, comfort and support during this difficult time.  Become an extended part of our team by regularly supporting this worthwhile need both financially and prayerfully.