LEAD – Leadership, Empowerment, Achievement, and Determination

The Seniors L.E.A.D Intergenerational Program, funded in part by the government of Canada, kicks off its inaugural event with a personalized and engaging lineup. Hosted by Wendy Beckles, the program features medication management education, interactive activities like trivia and virtual reality and it aims to create meaningful connections for seniors through a dedicated team of L.E.A.D Program coordinators and Youth volunteers.

Since 2007, The Canadian Multicultural L.E.A.D Organization for Mentoring and Training has been dedicated to supporting individuals from youth to seniors in their pursuit of personal success through our core principles of Leadership, Empowerment, Achievement, and Determination.

We offer an innovative intergenerational program hosted at Shepherd Village, providing opportunities to create meaningful experiences through educational sessions, interactive activities, and off-site excursions for both youth volunteers and senior participants.

This unique approach fosters collaborative relationships, appreciating that wisdom flows both ways. Additionally, we organize L.E.A.D Day events, which are career-focused mentoring and training workshops tailored to youth (aged 15-30). Topics covered include resume and cover letter writing, networking, skills and values assessment, time management, etc.


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